Securing Payments

Safeguard payments and reduce unauthorized returns through real-time, advanced account verification, before any potential financial loss can occur

GIACT’s identity verification, bank account verification, and transaction authority authentication helps organizations secure their payments.

Industry leading organizations use GIACT's end-to-end, single API solution -- the EPIC Platform -- to address fraud and risk to secure payments and throughout the customer lifecycle. Use cases include:

Verify Account Status

Using a single inquiry that utilizes over 4 billion consumer and business records

Perform Account Owner Authentication (AOA)

Validate customer emails and social media profiles to further strengthen identity processes

Verify Transaction Authority

Ensure that the account is in good standing prior to payment disbursement

Perform Out-Of-Band Authentication

Add an additional layer of authentication that leverages email, voice or text

Prevent Account Takeover (ATO)

Catch data discrepancies or fraudulent activity like identity theft

Intercept Unauthorized Payments

Reduce the risk of returns from unauthorized payments and protect your business

Our Securing Payments Solutions

Our Securing Payments Solutions

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Refinitiv Combines GIACT’s EPIC Platform with World Check to help protect the consumer lifecycle
Refinitiv combines GIACT’s EPIC Platform with World-Check to help protect the consumer lifecycle

GIACT, a Refinitiv company, today announced that it has added a global consumer and business identity verification solution, gIDENTIFY® Global, to its EPIC Platform. gIDENTIFY Global represents a significant advancement in global identity verification, allowing U.S. organizations to validate non-U.S. persons across 38 countries and businesses across 11 countries, respectively.

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