Account Maintenance

Proactively keep customer account data up-to-date and accurate to avoid identity-based fraud, returned mail, and issues related to KYC and compliance

GIACT safeguards organizations throughout the customer lifecycle using real-time, ongoing account maintenance solutions that are supported by the industry's largest network of identity verification and authentications services available.

Industry leading organizations use GIACT's end-to-end, single API solution -- the EPIC Platform -- to address fraud and risk during account maintenance and throughout the customer lifecycle. Use cases include:

Account Validation

Confirm account status, details and ownership in real-time

Change Of Name, Address, Phone, Email

Authenticate PII to confirm that the customer is legitimate and has authority to transact on the account

Address Inaccurate Information

Compensate for nicknames, typos, and other data entry errors

Email Authentication

Confirm emails to improve identity verification

Mobile Phone Authentication

Access data directly from mobile network operators to enhance identity verification

Ongoing OFAC Monitoring

Accelerate OFAC compliance through ongoing KYC compliance

Out-Of-Band Authentication

Verify that the person or business is who they say they are with an additional layer of authentication

Social Media Validation

Confirm social media accounts to improve identity verification

Our Account Maintenance Solutions

Our Account Maintenance Solutions

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