Enhance customer authentication through minimal friction tactics.

SecureLink® is a communication tool that allows you to add an additional layer of customizable out-of-band authentication, only when you feel it’s required. Update and customize your multi-factor authentication options based on your risk and fraud tolerance.

How it works


Add an additional layer of customizable out-of-band authentication


Create a customizable layer of friction when and where you need it


Use SMS/text, email or voice response to authenticate and validate identity

Security code or customer authorization

SMS message is sent to your end customer (which can include purchase amount) with a YES/NO or Security Code response to confirm or provide authorization for a transaction.

Email-based authentication

Automated email is sent to your customer with a link the customer can click which initiates a customized authentication based on your options.

Voice response authorization

An automated outbound call is initiated to your customer prompting the customer to consent or decline authorization.

Out of the box verification

SecureLink can work in conjunction with gSCAN to validate customers by prompting for a scan of an identity document.

Benefits Include


Yes, the SMS/text message to your customers is customizable. When using the email based security code, the email format and logo can be customized to your look and feel.

If incorporating the KBA questions into SecureLink, the content of KBA questions is not customizable. However, you can choose from 1 to 10 questions.When using email, the email format only can be customized to your look and feel.

Many GIACT customers use SecureLink as part of their on- boarding screening process in conjunction with gIDENTIFY®/gOFAC® to ensure there is no account takeover in process. By sending the customer in process of onboarding an out- of-band message, they are able to work to ensure fraud is being stopped at the front door and they are not onboarding malicious individuals.

Others use it for existing customers requesting changes to their payment and/or profile information to work to ensure the request is being made by the true account holder. This technique has helped to deter diversion of money and/goods to a fraudster’s account and/or address as part of a fraud scam. SecureLink has many uses and can be customized to fit your business needs.

Like most products that make up the EPIC Platform®, this is a per transaction fee service.

Yes, SecureLink is fully capable of being integrated with any service you may be using inside the EPIC Platform.

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