Accelerate paper-based processing into a real-time environment with automated workflow for various types of document capture.

gSCAN allows for easy collection of your customers’ data through scanning and parsing information into your CRM system in real-time.

How it works


Expedite new customer onboarding


Improve the accuracy of submitted applications


Accept checks in real time for payments across all channels

Automate check conversion capability and ID verification at the point of sale
Collect customer data through scanning and parsing into your CRM system

Benefits Include


gSCAN can be used as a standalone product; however, it is most often used in conjunction with other services within the EPIC PlatformTM to help accelerate the onboarding and data collection capabilities of business entities.

Yes, as long as your customer is using a device that has built-in camera capability (cell phone or tablet), gSCAN is able to streamline the collection of all data, parse it to your CRM system and submit an inquiry to GIACT for further OFAC and identity screening all at the same time.

gSCAN captures all the data from a check and driver’s license (including bar code information). However, it is not capable of validating the authenticity of the document itself.

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