Optimize your identification processes using current, relevant, and accurate data

gIDENTIFY® is a multi-tiered suite of services that uses multiple data sources – including traditional and non-traditional data – to assist in confirming customer and business identities, so you can address your KYC, compliance, underwriting and risk management needs.

How it works


Assist in confirming the true identity of customers and businesses in real-time


Minimize fraud, decrease false positives during enrollment and reduce false declines on good customers


Support meeting OFAC and KYC requirements with greater speed and accuracy

Identify account takeovers, true name fraud and synthetic IDs in real-time
Due diligence for underwriting, eliminating manual lookups and FTE expense
Identify consumers and businesses with pinpoint accuracy while reducing losses and false positives
Satisfy OFAC and KYC requirements by knowing your customer and your customer’s customer

Benefits Include


GIACT provides 3 levels of identity verification services that can cover all your needs: gIDENTIFY Standard, gIDENTIFY Advanced and gIDENTIFY Comprehensive. All products are part of the EPIC Platform® and can be used as stand-alone services or fully integrated with each other as well as any other service within the platform.

The minimum data required for all 3 tiers is name and address.

gIDENTIFY Standard returns a decision-based response, Accept/Decline, with additional detailed data in XML to verify most identities that includes: current name/name changes, DOB, 2 previous addresses, phone, SSN/TIN, driver’s license number(s)/ state(s) confirmed, location of IP, proxy server detection and associated fraud and more.

gIDENTIFY Advanced and Comprehensive are detail reports accessible online that include extensive background information that can span years of history.

This is a real-time service that is updated daily using multiple sources of data. In some cases, data is updated throughout the day.

Yes, the service is easily integrated into your CRM platform or can be used with other services.

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