gIDENTIFY Persistent Monitoring®

Keep up-to-date on your customer’s identity with advanced, automated monitoring of specific personally identifiable information (PII)

gIDENTIFY Persistent Monitoring® is an industry-leading solution that triangulates your customer’s PII against a multitude of data sources to help ensure the information about your customer population remains current. gIDENTIFY Persistent Monitoring® allows businesses to stay on top of their customer’s identity and seamlessly manage PII in the event of a change, including changes in last name, address, phone number (deletion or addition) as well as in the instance of death or reported fraud.

How it works


Optimize your identity management process and streamline KYC compliance


Re-validate and verify your customer list and mitigate account takeovers


Reduce false negatives and receive alerts automatically with gIDENTIFY Persistent Monitoring® – on an ongoing basis and in real-time as change events occur

24/7 monitoring
Seamless integration with your existing API or accessible through a virtual terminal
Using gIDENTIFY with KBA, create custom KBAs for verifying changes in customer PII
Alerts accompanied by XML data that flows directly into your existing CRM system
Works with gIDENTIFY and SecureLink when out-of-band authentication is needed
Monitor specific data fields that are applicable to your identity management needs
gIDENTIFY Persistent Monitoring operates interoperably with the EPIC Platform – GIACT’s suite of enrollments, payments, identity, compliance and mobile solutions

Benefits Include


gIDENTIFY Persistent Monitoring allows for monitoring of the following consumer PII:

  • Last name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Death indicators
  • Initial and extended fraud alerts on credit report

An alert notification signifies that a change has occurred within your customers’ PII. A subsequent inquiry to gIDENTIFY will highlight what changes have occurred and will allow your company to validate the changes with your customer.

No, there is no limit on the number of customers a company may monitor.

No, business accounts are not yet available for monitoring.

Yes, gIDENTIFY Persistent Monitoring provides a subscriber access to a virtual terminal to pull reporting and perform administrative functions on the customers being monitored.

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