Confirm bank account signatories.

gAUTHENTICATE® is used in conjunction with gVERIFY® to provide real-time verification that a customer is an authorized signatory on a bank account to confirm transactional authority on the account prior to processing a payment. gAUTHENTICATE® is offered as an optional enhancement gVERIFY®.

How it works


Match consumer or business names on checking and savings accounts


Compensate for nicknames, typos, and other data entry errors to minimize false negatives


Incorporate personal information, including address, DOB, SSN/TIN, phone number, if provided

Confirm if an account exists, is open, active and in good standing

Confirm account ownership and signing authority

Authenticate payments for all kinds of debits and payments, including disbursements

Benefits Include


gAUTHENTICATE provides the following decision-based responses: Accept, Decline, Accept with Risk or No Data found. Additional data is provided in XML format for additional detail as-needed.

No. gAUTHENTICATE is only available when used in conjunction with gVERIFY.

Yes, the database utilizes fuzzy logic that accounts for name variations, including nicknames, misspellings and abbreviations.

Yes, by adding gAUTHENTICATE to the gVERIFY service, you will also be able to reduce both Administrative and NSF ACH returns.

Certain types of companies that are excluded from using this service at this time:

  • Companies with less than $10mm in annual revenue
  • Companies in business less than 1 year
  • Money Service Bureau (MSB) not including banks

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