Email and
Social Media
Intelligence (ESI)

Validate your customer’s email addresses and social media accounts.

ESI incorporates email and social data – including email address creation date, name assigned to email address, email activity and account age, linked with social media presence – to validate identity and strengthen identity proofing.

How it works


Validation of customer email and social media association


Comprehensive consumer profile using non-traditional data points


Acts as a standalone solution or as an add-onto gIDENTIFY®

Confirm emails and social presence to improve identity verification

Ensure an email address can accept emails via ESI’s bounce back feature

Verify email and social media information, including:

Date the email address was created

Name assigned to the email address

Activity such as first seen date, age of email account, and domain risks

Social media accounts linked to the email address with provided links

Any fraud associated with the given email address

Benefits Include


• Owner’s name, company, title, and social media links

• Specific information about the email address

• Specific information on the domain such as company name, country, region, category and risk level

• Location associated with customers’ IP address data

• Other details include: user type, network speed, domain, ISP, corporate proxy, and anonymous proxy

• Available as a standalone solution or as an add-on to other services

If your customer has any social media presence that matches the identity submitted, you will receive the direct link to their social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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