Digital Onboarding

Convert more prospects to customers while running real-time verification checks at enrollment.

Experience GIACT’s end-to-end, fully configurable onboarding app that guides customers through a user-friendly onboarding process while running real-time verification checks integrated with your in-house systems and repositories.

How it works


Digital Onboarding’s front-end user journey guides you through a simple step-by-step onboarding process where you can collect core information, validate documentation, verify data, run risk screenings, and produce an outcome in real-time or add an additional layer of authentication.


Digital Onboarding’s orchestration layer executes the real-time data verification, including identity, biometrics, criminal screening, digital signatory, bank  account ownership and status, address verification, as well as the verification of mobile phone numbers, email address and social media profiles.


On the back-end, Digital Onboarding integrates with your in-house systems and repositories, or our case management tool, allowing your compliance team to review and act on verified customer information without having to access multiple systems, re-enter data, or perform time-consuming searches.

An out-of-the box, fully branded digital onboarding journey to maximise the conversion of new customers and drive revenue growth.

A pre-configured client lifecycle management capability, customised based on your needs and risk model, to reduce manual work for your internal teams and helping you to remain compliant with regulations.

Integrated data and verifications services to connect the digital communications between your customer, internal systems and third-party services, customisable by you to meet your legal and data protection obligations.

Benefits Include

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