GIACT Announces Third Consecutive Year of Dramatic Growth

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DALLAS– January 17, 2019 – GIACT Systems®, the leader in helping companies positively identify and authenticate customers, today announced three consecutive years of dramatic growth. Since 2016, GIACT has organically increased revenue by 167%; has added more than 550 new accounts, including reseller and strategic alliances; and has invested in talent and innovation by doubling headcount. In 2019, the company will be significantly expanding its Dallas-area headquarters to accommodate an additional 35% growth in its employee staff.

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In 2018, GIACT invested heavily in its technology platform, data assets, and analytics team to strengthen its leading position and to enhance its fraud and identity product offerings. GIACT also forged significant new strategic alliances, including PNC Bank, and launched enhanced new solutions including Beneficial ID®, which streamlines the collection of beneficial ownership information and provides KYC and OFAC verification.

“We are proud to report three consecutive years of aggressive growth as we help our customers mitigate risk and grow their revenue. In 2019, we will continue investing in our technology, data solutions, and key staff to ensure we remain on the cutting-edge of stopping identity and payments fraud.”

Melissa Townsley-Solis
Founder & CEO, GIACT

GIACT’s exceptional performance

“Following the escalation of data breaches that continue to increase in frequency and severity, U.S. companies and their customers have become increasingly vulnerable to high rates of identity theft and related fraud losses,” said Dave Foster, CFO of GIACT. “GIACT’s ongoing exceptional performance is indicative of its leadership position and the growing need for GIACT’s solutions that can reliably stop fraud, minimize transaction friction, and improve customer experience.”

GIACT is the only financial technology provider that offers a complete set of enrollment, payment, identity, compliance and mobile solutions easily accessed through its single, customizable EPIC Platform®.

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