Javelin & GIACT: Identity Fraud in the Digital Age

GIACT’s new report, Identity Fraud in the Digital Age, developed by Javelin Strategy & Research, sponsored by GIACT, details the challenges of preventing new and emerging fraud threats and what businesses should consider in their fraud prevention strategies for the year ahead.

The report also details several trends associated with the accelerated movement toward digital accounts and payments, and how businesses are likely to be impacted from a fraud, risk and reputational standpoint.

What You'll Learn

  • How the Covid-19 pandemic has functioned as an accelerator to digital connectivity, and, consequently, fraud;
  • The reputational risk associated with fraud;
  • Trends in new account fraud, account takeover, credit card fraud, and how identity authentication remains a steadfast challenge;
  • The importance of real-time identity validation and authentication throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

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