The Importance of Lifecycle Management to Mitigate Fraud

Organizations have made significant investments to create user experiences that are easier, faster and more connected. But despite their best efforts to assemble a more secure system, fraud — including identity theft, account takeover and application fraud — continues to thrive.

GIACT’s new report, The Importance of Lifecycle Management to Mitigate Fraud, explains how risk goes beyond a secure enrollment — and how risk is inherent throughout the customer lifecycle, from enrollment, to payment, to change events, KYC and due diligence.

According to the paper, to properly mitigate fraud and risk, organizations must shift from single-point solutions to a holistic approach.

What You'll Learn

  • How the evolution of fraud impacts the entire customer lifecycle;
  • How widespread and evolving fraud tactics impact organizations across different stages of the customer lifecycle;
  • Where each customer lifecycle stage is uniquely vulnerable; and
  • Ways to plug compromising gaps in the fraud prevention process.

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