Healthcare Fraud in 2022

White Paper

Healthcare fraud accounts for tens of billions in losses every year. Many medical providers and insurers don’t have the proper technology and data to fight back.

GIACT’s new report, Healthcare Fraud in 2022, reviews the impacts of identity theft and payments fraud on medical providers, insurers and patients, and how best to address these issues and protect your organization.

Topics Covered

  • Ways to optimize how healthcare organizations capture, validate and continuously monitor patients’ identities and payment information;
  • The scope of healthcare fraud and how fraud operators continue to exploit security gaps and vulnerabilities; and
  • How better data and delivery of identity data can help bolster existing identity verification efforts to mitigate identity theft and payments fraud.

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34% of U.S. consumers were targeted by scams in 2021, Aite-Novarica Group consumer survey finds

GIACT’s report, Consumer Scams: Rising in Velocity & Sophistication, looks at the methods scammers used to target U.S. consumers, including email, text, phone, and social media. As detailed within the report’s findings, U.S. consumers were solicited through a wide range of mediums using a variety of tactics to social engineer victims into providing payment and / or sensitive payment information.

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The Impact of Identity Theft and Scams in 2021

virtually every type of financial product, commercial platform, and government support. Simultaneous
scam activity — via social media, phone, text, and email — targeted one in three U.S. consumers in 2021.
What were the results of these activities? And how will organizations deal with and overcome the fraud

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