Search Consumer Identities with gIDENTIFY® Consumer Standard with ID Look Up

GIACT (an LSEG business) today announced the launch of gIDENTIFY® Consumer Standard with ID Look Up – an identity verification search tool for contact center agents and fraud investigations. 

gIDENTIFY Consumer Standard ID Look Up (“ID Lookup”) is an easy-to-use, real time identity verification search tool that assists users in quickly and easily verifying U.S. consumer identity data. 

Backed by one of the most complete foundation of data assets available, ID Look Up helps contact centers to enhance their security while reducing average handle time by up to 15%. 

ID Look Up also enables users to launch multi-factor authentication checks – including knowledge-based questions (KBAs) and one-time passwords (OTP) – to strengthen identity proofing.

Features & Benefits

  • Filter by data type, search and verify specific identity data points, including full name, DOB, SSN, phone number, current state and address, and deceased indicator
  • Adjust for alternative names or spellings
  • Receive alert messages on consumer identities, when applicable
  • Strengthen identity proofing with on-demand multi-factor authentication
  • Address common identity fraud threats, including application fraud, synthetic identity fraud and account takeover

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