Innovations in Identity Verification and Monitoring


In the face of new and emerging fraud threats, as well as onerous regulations, companies that want to mitigate fraud-related losses and streamline compliance will need to enhance how they monitor their customer population. To learn how, join GIACT’s David Barnhardt, Chief Experience Officer, for a webinar that discusses innovations in identity verification monitoring.

The webinar includes an overview of GIACT’s EPIC Platform®, which addresses enrollment, payments, identity and compliance issues via a single, real-time, easy to integrate platform.

How to effectively tackle identity verification

The webinar also highlights GIACT’s latest identity monitoring solution, gIDENTIFY Persistent Monitoring® – a tool that streamlines the monitoring of specific PII by triangulating customer PII against multiple sources on an automated basis.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to take a proactive approach to identity monitoring;
  • How to monitor change events in your customers’ PII as they occur;
  • How to tighten controls around identity verification and monitoring; and
  • Enhanced, real-time methods to keep up to date on your customers ever changing PII

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Report_U.S. Identity Theft Adapting and Evolving
U.S. Identity Theft: Adapting and Evolving

Announced today, GIACT (a Refinitiv company) released its annual report, developed by Aite-Novarica, on identity theft in 2021.  According to the report, 25% of U.S. consumers were impacted by identity theft in 2021. The report’s findings follow record high rates of identity theft in 2020 and explosive growth in scam activity in 2021.

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Nacha Provides ACH Network Rules Update
Nacha Provides ACH Network Rules Update

Organizations increasingly rely on ACH to facilitate payments. To keep users up-to-date, Nacha — who oversees the ACH Network — provides regular updates to its members on new developments, rules and enforcements. To get a preview of what to expect in the next 12 months impacting ACH payments — from micro-deposit verification, increased payment limits, to account validation enforcement — join Nacha’s Director of ACH Network Rules and GIACT (a Refinitiv company) at 1 PM ET Wednesday, June 22 for a complimentary webinar.

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