Introducing Digital Onboarding

Experience GIACT’s end-to-end, fully configurable onboarding app that guides customers through a user-friendly onboarding process while running real-time verification checks. 
Introducing Digital Onboarding — an out-of-the-box onboarding app the provides: 
  • A cost-effective and easy-to-deploy digital onboarding web-based application 
  • Built-in, flexible support for even the most demanding compliance requirements 
  • A digital onboarding solution that can be launched with no-code and as a pre-configured tool 
  • Fully branded, customized brand experience
  • A configurable orchestrion layer that can execute real-time data verification of identity, biometrics, criminal screening, digital signatory, bank  account ownership and status, address verification, as well as the verification of mobile phone numbers, email address and social media profiles
  • A simple, cost-effective and easy to deploy digital onboarding web-based application
Benefits include:
  • Up and running in weeks
  • Be regulatory compliant
  • Deliver positive customer experiences
  • Reduce abandonment rates at onboarding; increased conversion rates
  • A better user experience
    Reduce account fraud

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